07 Dec 2017

The round up from Accelerate

We held our ‘Accelerate’ event this week looking at how and when to scale up your company. It’s a tricky time for any business when several factors coalesce including funding, staff, leadership, and internationalizing your business. We were lucky to have a brilliant panel – Alex...

23 Oct 2017

Why Scale-Ups not Start-Ups are where the action is

The tech media and its surrounding ecosystem have been obsessed with start-ups over the last few years. Everybody loves a new idea and a new brand. But increasingly the smart observers and investors have been looking towards the scale-up market for the more interesting action. Scale-ups...

17 Oct 2017

London has still got it

I’ve just returned from a trip to New York with our friends at London and Partners to promote London as a destination for tech companies. I’ll admit to being slightly nervous about what kind of reception we would receive given the uncertainties about Brexit, political leadership...

03 Oct 2017

It’s here! Complete the 8th Propel Digital Salary and Insights Questionnaire

As we embark on the 8th version of the Propel Together Digital Salary and Industry Insights report I thought it was worth reflecting on why we even put these reports together. Make no mistake, this is no easy undertaking and takes a huge amount of time....

19 Sep 2017

The gender pay gap in digital is as big as anywhere else.

Melina’s latest column for The Drum looks at the gender pay gap which our Digital Salary Survey exposed. In some groups, it is as high as 18%, the same as the national average for all industries. As Melina says, the digital industry really needs to take a...

11 Sep 2017

The true cost of a bad hire

The market place for top quality staff has never been more competitive. Companies are hiring permanent staff at the fastest rate since 2015 despite what looks like a slowing economy and increasing concerns with the impact of Brexit. Factor in that unemployment is at a forty-year...

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