25 May 2023

Who are Neo4j?

Neo4j has achieved international expansion, catering to organizations across different regions and industries. This global reach has further fueled Neo4j’s growth and solidified its position as a leading provider in the Graph Database & Analytics space. Propel has supported them on this journey scaling their product team here in the UK.

What was their challenge?

Neo4j were looking for multiple roles to fill within various departments across the business. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of Neo4j’s various teams and the specific skill sets needed within each team, Jeremy partnered closely with different departments across the organization. This collaborative approach allowed him to delve into the unique requirements of each team and tailor his candidate search accordingly.

How we got the job done…

Jeremy conducted specific searches to identify candidates with exceptional product management credentials. However, he went a step further by seeking individuals who possessed the necessary technical knowledge and skill set to work on complex developer-focused products. This dual focus ensured that the candidates were not only skilled in product management but also had the technical acumen required for their roles.

He specifically targeted innovative product-led organizations that specialize in building enterprise products for software engineering and related fields, enabling you to identify candidates with the desired expertise and background.

As a result, Jeremy successfully placed three Product Managers into Neo4j’s enterprise cloud, product-led growth, and API teams, respectively. These individuals came from different backgrounds but shared key skills and experiences. They had a track record of shipping products at scale, a strong technical understanding, and prior experience in building products for software engineers. Some of them had previously worked at companies like Twilio and Couchbase.

The team

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