Putting People First: Inside Propel’s Approach to Employee Well-Being

17 Apr 2024

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise; we think recruitment is an incredibly rewarding career! And if you’re reading this, we imagine you do too.

However, the fast-paced and competitive world of recruitment also comes with unique challenges and stresses.

The emotional rollercoaster of dealing with candidates and clients, the need to stay on top of industry trends and the high stakes of each placement can take a toll on even the most seasoned professionals.

At Propel, we understand that our people are our greatest asset. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to create an environment where employee well-being is at the forefront of everything we do.

And it works, our supportive work environment doesn’t just enhance the individual health and happiness of our team but it’s also intrinsic to our success.


Understanding Stress and Its Impact

Stress is more than just a buzzword; it’s a serious health concern that influences every aspect of our lives. From an employer’s perspective, chronic stress can lead to higher turnover rates and decreased productivity. But more significant is the personal toll stress takes on employees, which is immeasurable.

The long-term effects of stress on mental and physical health are well-documented. From anxiety and depression to heart disease and obesity, the impacts are severe. Recognising this, we’re committed to offering a culture that prioritises well-being and provides support for all our employees.


Our Approach to Mitigating Stress

We believe that understanding the sources of stress is the first step in mitigating its effects. Our approach addresses multiple layers of well-being, offering support and resources to ensure our team thrives both personally and professionally.


The Power of Flexibility

A hybrid working model, blending remote and in-office work, is a key element of our well-being strategy. Whilst many recruitment companies still require employees to be in the office 5 days a week, we recognise the positive impact flexibility has.

This approach promotes a healthier work-life balance, all while keeping the vital in-person interaction that energises our team!

By reducing the pressure of a strict work schedule and daily commutes, our team can work in a way that’s best for them. This makes juggling personal responsibilities and work commitments a bit easier and actively contributes to lowering stress levels.

We’re proud of the positive, productive work atmosphere a hybrid working model fosters. Balancing the human interaction that we believe is incredibly important to a happy work-life, with WFH flexibility.

It’s a key element of our culture that we’ll continue to embrace.


On the Ground Support

We don’t overlook the importance of personal connections within the workplace, which is why we have a Community Manager dedicated to supporting our team’s well-being. Introducing Amy Playfair…


“One of my favourite aspects of my role as Community & Growth Manager is being an unbiased and listening ear to the whole team here at Propel. I’m always on hand to step outside the office for a walk or jump on a casual zoom/phone chat with those who might need it.

 My role focuses on continuing to cultivate the positive and supportive work environment we have here at Propel, whilst ensuring everyone involved in that journey is supported. I take pride in running our ‘Culture Club’ open forums, where we organise well-being and social initiatives that bring the team together.”


 Alongside Amy, we have an awesome leadership team, Ben Dalzell & Melina Jacovou who put in the effort to be there for everyone in the business. Whether it’s lending an ear to team members who are dealing with challenges or ensuring everyone feels supported, they’re all about keeping things positive. Working to reinforce a culture of mutual support, where it’s ok to ask for help and equally ok to offer it. They’re committed to making Propel a business that succeeds together. As Ben explains…


“We don’t just pay lip service to the importance of creating a safe working environment – for me, it’s fundamental. The fast-paced, highly competitive world of recruitment can be tough. But at Propel, we make sure to prioritise communication, transparency, and support for everyone. Our Leadership team are dedicated to spending time with individuals, understanding their personal and professional goals, and ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard. Our team is our greatest asset, and by investing in their well-being, we are investing in the future of Propel.”


Inclusive Celebrations

We think our approach to recognition and celebration is pretty unique. Unlike many recruitment companies that solely focus on rewarding individual success and those who achieve the highest billing numbers, our strategy is distinctively inclusive.

We prioritise celebrating the collective efforts of our team, acknowledging both teamwork and the milestones achieved across the business, #TogetherWorks.

By adopting this shared success approach, we foster a strong sense of unity among our team members. This community feeling is not only invaluable in effectively managing workplace stress but also plays a crucial role in our culture. Ensuring that each member feels valued and motivated.


Pause Day: A Day for You

One of the initiatives most loved by the team is known as Pause Day. This additional day of leave is designated for our team members to take a step back from their work routines and dedicate time to themselves.

It’s an opportunity to dive into activities that activities that bring them joy and relaxation. hanging out with their favourite people, trying out a new hobby, or just chilling by themselves, Pause Day is all about kicking back, reducing stress, and focusing on what makes them feel good.

Our leadership team are big advocates of the importance of taking a Pause Day, and its role in not just reducing stress but also in boosting overall work satisfaction and productivity. By championing rest, and encouraging everyone to take the opportunity seriously, we aim to reinforce our commitment to supporting the well-being of every individual within our team.


Late Starts for Work-Life Balance 

Understanding that our team have diverse needs, we’ve adjusted the start of our workday to 9:30 AM.

This offers our team members the flexibility to engage in morning routines that are meaningful to them, be it hitting the gym for an energising workout or family responsibilities, such as dropping the kids off at school, without the added pressure of racing against the clock. Doing our bit to create the space for a calm and balanced start to the day!

This adjustment is rooted in our belief that a culture that values and respects personal commitments and passions, leads to increased productivity and satisfaction both in and out of the workplace.


The Future

At the heart of what we believe is this: managing stress effectively is key to our business’s success and our team’s happiness. We’re committed to regularly checking and improving our benefits and policies.

Why? Because we want to make sure we’re not just attracting the best people out there but also truly supporting them. By fostering a culture that cares about mental health and work-life balance, we’re building a solid foundation for innovation, teamwork, and continuous growth.

So, if you’re an experienced recruiter looking for a supportive, entrepreneurial environment, we’d love to talk to you about what working at Propel could look like for you. Get in touch with Amy to set up a time to talk: [email protected].

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