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Productionise or Compromise!

Rewind the clock to Feb 2020 and I was returning to the Hotel on the Propel Annual Ski Trip, I’d spent the day hurtling down the mountain with little control of my speed or personal safety and was very much looking forward to 8 courses of swiss…

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My First Month At Propel - Antonia Davis

When our Marketing Director asked me to write a blog post about my first month with Propel I jumped at the chance. Not because I like writing blog posts (this is my first and could potentially be my last – let’s see how it goes!), but because there…


7 Common Mistakes Interviewers Are Guilty Of And How To Avoid Them

It’s very easy to come across advice on things not to do in a job interview. However, there seems to be far little out there for interviewers. Remember, interview's are a two way street and therefore it's essential that interviewers know how to get…


“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

March 23rd 2020 was a day most people won’t forget anytime soon, sat at home, our eyes glued to the TV as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, addressed the nation and told us “stay at home”, our lockdown was here and little did we know, it wasn’t going…

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Follow your passion, the money will follow...

Having been immersed in the world of people for almost a decade, it would come as no surprise that I often meet with those facing very difficult decisions, when it comes to weighing up opportunities or deciding whether to make the move.