Why a delivery consultants is beneficial to recruitment industry

19 Jan 2022

Why delivery consultants are beneficial to recruitment

We caught up with our Delivery Consultant Jeremy Barnes on why his role is so important for the Business and here is what he had to say…

When I was asked the question, why is a delivery consultant such an important part of recruitment, I couldn’t help but compare it to my recent viewing of the Ashes this winter. It made me draw up a lot of comparisons to how a recruitment business is set up, with all-rounders (360 consultants) as well as specialists bowlers & batters ( BD & delivery consultants), each playing an equally important role in the success of the team.

What is a delivery consultant?

When interviewing people over the last few months, the questions are always very similar, what is a delivery consultant? and how do they fit into the business? I feel there is some stigma attached to delivery consultants with the view their roles are only half a consultant’s job or a role specifically for juniors starting out in recruitment. After almost a year in a delivery consultant role at Propel it’s clear to me that this certainly is not the case.

There is much more to a delivery consultant role than just sending CVs & managing candidates. Being a delivery consultant means I am arguably more immersed in the market than anyone else, being able to share insights both internally & externally. We analyse our processes, identify areas that need more focus on and work closely with colleagues on improvements for future searches. My role is incredibly important for supporting the business and each of my colleagues. Without my role, business would indeed be much slower and much less smooth.

Why are delivery consultants beneficial to recruitment?

There are many benefits a delivery consultant brings to a company, like an increased volume and speed of delivery to clients but there is also a softer side to it too. The insights gained from consultants being delivery-focused can be used to help support other consultants on their searches, to be able to help advise and support candidates in more depth on their job searches and provide deep, detailed insights for clients on the market to provide a true full-service consultative approach to recruitment.

We are an integral part of the recruitment world because we analyse the existing processes, identify areas of concern and make informed recommendations for improvements on future searches. For me, it is often detailed feedback from candidates on things like hiring processes and how they could be improved, this is particularly important with how busy the market currently is. A smooth and efficient hiring process could be the difference when making a successful hire. Having extra time to focus on delivery has also allowed me to try out different ways of working and thinking more outside the box for resourcing candidates and sharing the successful ones with the team.

First-hand experience of being a delivery consultant 

With it coming up to almost a year of being a delivery consultant, there are so many aspects of the job that I enjoy. I have really enjoyed being able to focus on this particular area of the job and become a specialist in what I do, helping both internally & externally. It allows me to work with all individuals within the business which is great both professionally because I can get to know what each of my colleagues is looking for in their area of the industry. I really enjoy the social element too, being able to get to know candidates on a personal level truly helps my understanding of the types of people we are looking for, for our clients. I really do enjoy being a Delivery Consultant but look, I’m not saying I’m the Joe Root of delivery consulting yet but having such in-depth knowledge already and a passion for what I do, I look forward to growing in this position over the coming months and I can’t wait to see where this exciting avenue will take me.

by Jeremy Barnes, Delivery Consultant

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