29 Mar 2023

Being a Mother and still working as an agency side recruiter… Why is it so rare?

“I feel that working flexibly really has improved my role as a recruiter and as a Mother. I feel I now have the perfect balance between my career and my personal life”   I was thinking about the fact that in recruitment, as soon as you...

10 Mar 2023

IWD: #EmbracingEquity with Gemma Greaves

“I want to be the best and most successful I can be and exceed all expectations. When people have doubted me purely because I am a woman, I’ve just ignored it and let it fuel me…”   Who is Gemma Greaves and what do they do?...

09 Mar 2023

IWD: #EmbracingEquity with Lisa Goodchild

“You can’t be what you can’t see, young people need to see leaders that represent them and why shouldn’t they?”   Who is Lisa Goodchild and what do they do? I am Lisa Goodchild, chief troublemaker at Digilearning and I’m also a founder of a digital...

08 Mar 2023

IWD: #EmbracingEquity with Emma Harris

“I wrote about being a mum, working for 2 businesses and told people to #slowthef**k down which started a bit of a movement…”   Who is Emma Harris and what do they do? I am Emma Harris, the Founder and CEO of Glow London, we are...

07 Mar 2023

IWD: #EmbracingEquity with Julie Doleman

“We should all constantly push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and do things that scare us, it’s all about learning and growing and working to fill the gaps in our development to achieve what we want”   Who is Julie Doleman and what do they...

06 Mar 2023

IWD: #EmbracingEquity with Helen Tupper

“I’m a big believer in challenging your limits, rather than limiting your challenges and never letting other people set those limits for you” Who is Helen Tupper what do they do?  I am Helen Tupper, CEO of Amazing If – a company on a mission to...

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