Close sales more efficiently with the prospecting and qualifying skills of an experienced and highly motivated presales team. We can help with your presales recruitment.

Having an effective pre-sales strategy and the personnel to execute it can improve your company’s ability to convert customers. With presales taking care of prospecting and qualifying leads, the path is clear for your sales specialists to close more efficiently. We can help you to assemble a winning pre-sales team with laser-focused pre-sales recruitment that connects you with the best pre-sales talent in the industry. We’ll work closely with you to understand your specific needs and place accomplished candidates that make an instant impact.

We have more than 20 years of specialised industry experience in placing top-quality pre-sales talent. Whether you need a Senior Presales Manager, Presales Architect or Presales Consultant, our sprawling talent network ensures that we can source and place the perfect, tried-and-tested pre-sales candidates for all your technical pre-sales jobs.

Similar functions

Looking to fill similar positions? We place high-quality candidates in senior roles across various similar functions. That means we can provide a full-service solution to meet all your business needs.


Maintain strong relationships with your customers with first-class Account Manager hires. Our high-calibre candidates come with a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and results.


Maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial business partnerships with the right type of talent to fill your partnership manager jobs. Make us your recruitment partner of choice.

SE & Operations

Sell your products and brand effectively with a hand-picked sales enablement team that excels at communicating with your stakeholders. Together, we can help you build the ultimate sales enablement team.

Our pre-sales recruitment solutions are guaranteed to find the right blend of talent and expertise for your technical pre-sales jobs.

In today’s competitive market, an effective pre-sales team can pave the way for effective sales strategies. The most accomplished pre-sales candidates have a proven track record of qualifying leads, undertaking discovery calls, preparing presentations and proposals, and researching customers and competitors. We have access to the industry’s foremost pre-sales talent, who have the necessary skill set, experience and ambition required to identify and position sales prospects. The upshot is frictionless conversions for your sales closers further along the funnel.    

No matter the size or scope of your presales ambitions, we can place high-quality Pre-sales Consultants and Head of Presales candidates who can support your goals to fruition. Whether your focus is Tech, Commercial, Marketing, Design or Product, we can deliver effective pre-sales recruitment tailored to your unique circumstances.


At Propel we focus on relationships, not transactions. Our range of solutions is built to work around you, your candidates, and your mutual happiness. Whether you’re a fast-growth start-up, an international tech business, our twenty plus years’ experience, our expertise, and our long-standing relationships make us the perfect partner for your recruitment needs.

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