Maintain strong relationships with customers with first-class account manager recruitment. Build your account management team today with us.

Account managers play a crucial role in forging and maintaining good relationships with customers. The best account managers have a strong desire to understand and service their customers’ needs to retain their business. We have a deep understanding of the account management needs of various tech industries. That knowledge, allied by our vast network of exceptional talent and 20 years of recruitment experience, means that we can help you to fill your account manager jobs with ease.  

Whether you need an Account Manager with Tech, Commercial, Marketing, Design or Product experience, we can provide the most accomplished candidates. Our talent consultants will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and match you with an Account Manager with demonstrable skills and experience.

Similar functions

Looking to fill similar positions? We place high-quality candidates in senior roles across various similar functions. That means we can provide a full-service solution to meet all your business needs.


Maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial business partnerships with the right type of talent to fill your partnership manager jobs. Make us your recruitment partner of choice.


Close sales more efficiently with the prospecting and qualifying skills of an experienced, highly motivated pre-sales team. Our pre-sales recruitment solutions are guaranteed to elevate your sales functions.

SE & Operations

Sell your products and brand effectively with a hand-picked sales enablement team that excels at communicating with your stakeholders. Together, we can help you build the ultimate sales enablement team.

Make us your account manager recruitment agency of choice to source the most talented candidates for your account manager jobs.

Account manager jobs can vary from post to post, business to business and industry to industry. We understand these subtle nuances and work closely with you to get to the heart of what you need. Having understood your individual requirements, our talent consultants will draw upon our extensive network of proven candidates to place high-quality hires that make an impact. With more than 20 years of experience connecting fast-growth businesses with first-class talent, your accountant manager recruitment is in safe hands.  

Whether your business is Commercial, Tech, Marketing, Product or Design, we can match you to the most exceptional Account Managers in your industry. With us by your side, you can ensure your account management functions are performed to the highest standards, yielding consistent and long-lasting success.


At Propel we focus on relationships, not transactions. Our range of solutions is built to work around you, your candidates, and your mutual happiness. Whether you’re a fast-growth start-up, an international tech business, our twenty plus years’ experience, our expertise, and our long-standing relationships make us the perfect partner for your recruitment needs.

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