What I’ve Learned in 3 Years at Propel – Luke Tyrrell

02 Feb 2021

Friday marks my three year anniversary with Propel. A lot has changed since my first day, but lots has remained the same in recruiting for Europe’s most exciting high-growth technology businesses.


I remember my first meeting with our MD – James – in the heart of Soho, half way down Greek Street, February of 2018. The tech sector was new to me in a professional sense, but had always been an interest of mine personally. Little did I know that fast forward three years, I would be a tech fanatic.


I met Phil & Melina – Director & CEO – in a follow up a couple of days later and remember vividly how passionate the senior management team were about what they do – helping fast-growing technology businesses build and scale their teams by placing the most exceptional talent into their organisations. I came out of the conversations palpably excited about the idea of working in a company like this. Everything that they stood for, the values, the expertise of the senior team, the sector they specialised in, the charm of the environment, and the reputation within industry – it all just seemed “right”.


It goes without saying that I was thrilled to receive an offer from James personally the following day, and I can recall the warm fuzzy feeling. I started the following Monday and haven’t looked back since. My road into recruitment wasn’t an obvious one, and those that know me well will know that there’s a long story leading up to my role at Propel. But reflecting back, I feel eternally grateful for the faith placed in me by Mel, James & Phil (amongst others) three years ago and feel fortunate to have worked closely alongside some of the brightest minds, wonderful characters and reputable experts in my 1095 days.


This all sounds a bit gushy, but it’s true.


It’s a pleasure working with our client base – typically, VC-backed dynamic and disruptive technology businesses – and seeing them grow and succeed as a result of our partnership is what I do this for. Securing exceptional individuals their dream role in an environment that helps them develop and further themselves, whilst helping hiring managers build out their thriving teams is what it’s all about.


I champion our sector and can’t imagine working in another that’s as exciting or rewarding as ours. Sure, at times it can test a lot of things; resilience, adaptability, perseverance, patience, to name just a few. But these are all valuable lessons I’ve learned and skills I’ve developed. After all, it’s these experiences that shape the ultimate reward in the long-run.


It’s an exciting time for Propel as we continue to improve and strive forward. We’ve relaunched the brand and redesigned the website without diluting the values that are so important to us all. We’re working with the best tech, in a flexible environment and are continuing to hire brilliant and proven Consultants to add to the existing team. The Propel community is a vast one, and just last week a former “Propeller” got in touch to thank Phil again for the lessons he’d learned soaking up the wisdom from the senior leaders within the business.


I feel very lucky to be in such a place. That’s my key takeaway after three years at Propel.

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