We recently supported the ‘She Has No Limits’ event co-run by Equal Talent…

19 Oct 2020

An event we recently supported was ‘She Has No Limits’ co-run by Equal Talent, which was a one-day virtual conference to help professional women get their careers back on track and thrive. We decided to buy tickets for 3 amazing women who we have worked with before Laura Fordham, Sarah Trail and Jane Loring.

Here are some thoughts from our CEO and Founder, Melina on why she wanted to support this event:

“I’m a huge advocate of diversity, being a female founder and a gay women it’s at the heart of everything I do and say. Equality and Diversity is my mantra!

When I became aware of the ‘She Has No Limits’ event, I really wanted to support the event. Not only to be an attendee but also purchase some tickets for some of the amazing females I hugely value in my network. It’s incredibly important to really advocate and amplify events like ‘She Has No Limits’, if we want to make any significant change. It was very well executed and the content was engaging throughout, great speakers and coaching sessions. Lot’s of networking, a great way to build a community at speed. Very collaborative and interactive. Looking forward to the next event!”

We caught up with Laura Fordham, Sarah Trail and Jane Loring after the event, here is what they had to say about the event:

Why did this event appeal to you? 

Sarah: 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year and like many women in the industry, I recently found myself out of work wondering which way to turn next. Being invited to attend the She Has No Limits virtual conference gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with many inspirational people, hear their stories and get some perspective. Lifting up women, helping them to thrive and achieve is at my core and SHNL brought this in spades.

Laura: There were 3 main areas that drew my attention initially – the Content, the Speakers/Panels and the Networking opportunity.

Jane: I know Amanda and I know how amazing she is. The spirit of the event also really appealed to me during lockdown as women have been really affected through redundancy/home schooling etc.

Also any invite from Mel and I know it will be good.

An overview of how you found the event…

Sarah: The event was the best I have experienced in 2020 (so far). Joining and attending sessions felt seamless and the experience exceeded my expectations. Fabulous content which hit the mark – propelling, inspiring and moving all wrapped into one. I enjoyed the networking, it worked well and it wasn’t awkward at all. The group coaching was super valuable, thought provoking with tangible take-aways; and the morning panel tackled pertinent topics, the panelists relatable and heartening. Sophie Walker’s incredibly honest yet motivating keynote speech honestly blew me away.

Laura: I really enjoyed it. I was a bit dubious at first about how effective it would be as a virtual event and how the content would flow, the quality of the networking and how connections could be made. But I was pleasantly surprised by the platform used, the agenda and the quality of the networking. There was also a high level of engagement and interaction, commenting, sharing and support within the chat function which I really enjoyed.

The speakers were open, inspiring and well prepared. I liked the diversification of the panels and how men were included. It was good to have the chat function alongside the panel and speakers, it felt really interactive and conversational, something very much needed during an isolated year.

The networking was extremely enjoyable. I was lucky to speak with some incredible women who were all at a different cross road or pivot in their career. It felt like a truly honest support network, and I have linkedin with all the women I met and speakers from the event.

Jane: The event was extremely well put together. Avast array of speakers and great video clips and uplifting talks in between the panels.

What were your key takeaways?

Sarah: We are all brave. Bring your vulnerabilities to the table, it is where the magic lies.

Leadership is resilience, having empathy and taking the path which is true to your heart, even if it is not the easiest path.

When we embrace difference, we are all better off.

The best way to lead and support as humans is to talk about our experiences; tell your story.

Laura: Sophie Walker is a great advocate for women and feminism. The event had an impact on growing confidence in a lot of women who attended and created a community that we would love to continue. This event was very much needed, not only to lift women and raise the bar but also to help support many women who have been made redundant and are seeking support, coaching, guidance and companionship. I would definitely be attending the next one.

Jane: That when women come together its amazing how supportive and uplifting it can be. Also unfortunately some of the stories showed there is still a long way to go.

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