Six of the hottest soft benefits in the Tech Industry right now;

02 Dec 2021

A great way to help make your people want to keep working for you is to invest in their overall job satisfaction by providing them with the perks and benefits they want most. In this blog we talk about the six most sort after benefits our clients should be focusing on.

Flexible working: 

In 2021, following the pandemic, there became a huge emphasis on flexible working. Particularly for those working in the digital tech space, it became apparent just how much more productive working from home could be if we were given the choice.

More recently we have noticed in our candidate searches just how much of a high priority flexible working is when someone is considering moving jobs. It’s apparent it can accommodate for a more productive, quiet working environment as well as allowing employees to have a better work-life balance when they are given the choice of both home and office working with flexible working times.

Mental health and Physical wellbeing:

Physical and mental wellbeing has become a very important part of working life. In the past couple of years the importance of employee health has grown significantly. It’s another popular benefit employees look for in companies, the time and effort they put into their employees wellbeing. The support and encouragement of looking after your mental and physical health has been proven to improve work performance.

Things like gym memberships, mental wellbeing apps and other health or lifestyle incentives are a great way to encourage employees to stay active and healthy, because a happy, healthy worker makes for a more productive employee. Many organisations have adopted apps and services to allow their workers to have easier access to a healthier life style.

Tech equipment reimbursements:

Allowances or reimbursements for home office equipment is a popular benefit. Since the pandemic, it’s become the norm for more companies to accommodate their employees to work from home rather than in the office. Though this may work for most employees with a home set up, others found it extremely difficult with their environment and lack of office resources to make for a productive and comfortable working environment.

We have found in candidates more recently that one of the main benefits they sort after in a new role is reimbursements for a better home working environment. Particularly in the tech sector, where digital working is necessary, employees are putting this benefit at the forefront of their job search tick lists.

Here at Propel, we give our employees an allowance to make their home office environment more comfortable, encouraging them to work more

Family support:

Studies show that 64% of employees suffer from stress related to juggling work and family commitments. Supporting employees with their family life will actively reduce stress levels and prevent employees from burning out, naturally boosting productivity levels.

When speaking to candidates and clients, both are in agreement family support is essential to a more relaxed and productive workplace. In a time where family and life has now become the forefront of our lives, it is more important than ever for companies to offer such support and flexible work options to accommodate our everyday lives. With this, you can guarantee the workplace environment will be much calmer and happier with strong workplace relationships and high morale.

Cultural inclusivity:

It is extremely important each employee feels a part of the company they work for. It can be very easy to fall short of catering to each employees individual cultural needs within the workplace, but it is important every company does it. Though this isn’t a listed job benefit as such, it is crucial companies make an active effort to be inclusive of all their employees.

Organisations with inclusive cultures are more likely to; exceed financial targets, three times more likely to be high-performing, six times more likely to be innovative and agile and eight times more likely to achieve business outcomes. Though there may be challenges along the way, the efforts made to create a culture of inclusion have great results.


Encouraging equity to employees gives them a deeper bond with the company. They are likely to feel more respected in their positions within the company and therefore more likely to make a conscious effort to help develop the company and their positions within it.

When employees are given equity, it can encourage cognitive diversity in decision-making, enable targeted upskilling, drives engagement for specific employee demographics and prevents dissatisfaction. It allows employers to get the most of their employees through loyalty and respect because they have a more in-depth involvement in the company they work for.

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