Propel’s Creative Snapshot: The Changing Role of Creative Talent – Mo Lishomwa

14 Aug 2018

To celebrate the expansion of Propel London’s Creative department, we’re talking to some of the industry’s most influential figures to discuss how the role of creativity is changing in the tech and digital sectors, how companies can make themselves more attractive to the top creative talent, and how creatives themselves should be approaching the hiring process.

Mo Lishomwa is Director of Strategic Alliances at Publicis.Sapient. In her 15+ years career she has held senior creative roles at companies including Adidas, Saatchi & Saatchi and Adobe.

How should creatives approach the hiring process? Is the standard CV and portfolio still the best way to show prospective employers their talents and what makes a portfolio stand out for you?

A standard CV and Portfolio are table stakes.  But a portfolio is more important than a CV. Your portfolio must also be tailored so it speaks to the specific employer.

Having worked across multiple agencies and clients and seeing the lines continue to blur, if you have any work to showcase that helps show you understand this blurring, present it. But make sure it’s rock solid.

And importantly always come with your true self and a few smart questions in your kit bag.

How are new technologies such as VR and AI affecting the way people hire creatives? Is there now more demand for specialists or should the best creatives be able to work in all mediums?

Changes in technology do affect hiring patterns.  But good creatives play to their strengths and being highly specialised in their particular craft is what ultimately makes them stand out.

However, a good creative is also astute enough to know when they need to have some knowledge and understanding of other mediums that touch on their specialism.

The reality is there are lots of nuts and bolts to AI and VR which aren’t just about creativity, so if I was looking to hire against an AI or VR brief, I would look for a number of specialists to answer it, and a creative would be one.

There is a battle for the best creative talent, so how can employers make themselves more appealing to attract the best?

Employers can attract the best by understanding what’s out there, and tailoring a package that puts the potential employee at a favourable point within that.

In addition, they must be fully transparent about what they offer in terms of role, be clear on the culture and development opportunities. And present an environment that allows creatives to develop and flourish.

Interviews should always be a dialogue, it’s also incumbent on the candidate to find out if the company is for them.

What one technology will have the biggest impact on the future of design?


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