My First Year As An Internal Recruiter At Propel…

26 Jan 2022

It’s been just over a year since I started working at Propel, and what a year it’s been. The number of doors Propel has opened for me are countless. From meeting industry experts to being able to move to London, this really has been my biggest year to date.

In the beginning…

Starting a new job is nerve racking, we all know that, but starting a new job remotely at 20 years old, having never met any of your colleagues, in the middle of a pandemic is a whole different story. Despite the nerves, I have been lucky enough to find a company whose values align with my own and where I can see myself for many years to come.

You only have to speak to Ben or any other senior to know I was clueless at the beginning. I just knew I had to speak to candidates and build relationships in one of the most exciting industries, all while a commission check was dangled in front of me. Since then there have been many training sessions, hours of zoom meetings and endless amounts of support. I know it’s cringey to say but I genuinely feel like everyone wants to see me be successful at Propel.

Finding the perfect working environment

Propel has seen a massive shift in the last year. I have candidates getting in touch with me to tell us how great our brand is and that our marketing team must be doing something right… whether that’s down to my excellent LinkedIn posts or Ben’s marketing strategy we’ll never know. Since the beginning it’s been the people that have always been Propel’s USP. Yes I love the work but ultimately, I couldn’t do it without the support and energy from the team. I’m pretty sure everyone in the business has taught me something in one way or another. Whether that’s the art of a good inmail, how to get the most out of projects or which bars to hit on a Thursday evening – they’ve taught me it all!

I really do think we’ve created a great working environment. It’s fun, transparent, supportive and challenging all at once. You’re encouraged to be yourself, speak about your goals and where you need support. I could ramble on forever about how fun the culture is. From cocktail making kits and pizzas that were sent to us in Lockdown, to the Christmas party and the many fun company events in between, everyone is always up for it and its a great, inclusive place to be.

Looking forward to my future at Propel

As Propel’s Internal Recruiter my favourite thing about the job is when I get to the office on a Monday and Thursday or when I look at the little squares on zoom to see the company is scattered with people that came through my network and are settling well into the company, truly loving it. It’s no news to anyone that there is no industry like tech. It’s forever changing and there are so many routes to go down. The clients our consultants serve don’t just need tech professionals, they need sales talent and marketing professionals too which is why Propel is one of the go to recruitment agencies in London!

For anyone looking to venture into the world of recruitment as a career, I highly recommend it. There is no better feeling than meeting people from all walks of life and helping them find great opportunities. Better yet, I couldn’t recommend Propel enough as a company – it’s inclusive, supportive and ambitious environment really is second to none for career growth. One year down at this exciting company, and many more to come!

By Alice Coxeter, Internal Recruiter

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