It’s here! Complete the 8th Propel Digital Salary and Insights Questionnaire

03 Oct 2017

As we embark on the 8th version of the Propel Together Digital Salary and Industry Insights report I thought it was worth reflecting on why we even put these reports together. Make no mistake, this is no easy undertaking and takes a huge amount of time. The last survey was compiled from data gathered from over 3100 individual hires (a combination of survey responses and our own internal data) which makes it by the far the most definitive survey of its kind in the market.

We do this for many reasons. We believe that to best serve the markets we work in, we must have a deep understanding of them. We need to be able to provide the most accurate information to both our candidates and hiring clients in terms of salaries they should expect to be paid or pay.

However, that’s only a part of what the survey covers. As the market for talent becomes more and more competitive, we’ve charted the different reasons and factors that come into play when individuals take a new role and importantly for our clients, why they choose to leave the roles they are in. It may seem odd for a recruitment consultant to emphasise retention but we know that’s one of the ways we are benchmarked by clients – the right candidates will perform and grow in a role and want to stay with that company because it is a good fit. Over the years we have seen the increasing importance that work life balance, and company culture and values play in career decision making but also, we have noted how lack of career progression and lack of recognition have been constant factors in those choices.

We’ve seen the methods that professionals use to find roles change over that period and you will not be surprised to hear that social media is now hugely important in this respect, especially with younger respondents. We’ve seen the importance of personal networks growing as well, in particular ,with more senior roles.

One more constant that we have seen is that recruitment consultancies are still the most important search option among all levels of seniority. Despite all the advances in technology, social media and networking platforms, when people want to make a change in their career, a hugely important and personal step, they want to talk to a real person. And to ensure that that person works at Propel, we need to ensure that we have more information, more data and more facts at our fingertips. And that’s the main reason we undertake this project.

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