Here’s why you should be hiring for 2021 NOW!

09 Dec 2020

After the days have seemingly crawled past over the last nine months, the festive season is here and we look to 2021. However, now is not the time to stop. Edtech has to start planning for the new year – and hiring now!


We’ve seen the pandemic devastate a number of industries, but edtech has thrived throughout. Studies before the pandemic predicted the sector would be worth in excess of £3.4b by 2021 in the UK alone, but this value will grow steeply as demand has soared.


Especially in the UK, edtech is seeing a boom. The pandemic has accelerated the uptake of various educational technologies leading to a surge of investment and growth in the sector. Even between 2018 & 2019, investment into edtech saw an increase in excess of 90% year-on-year, with the UK leading the way in EMEA.


HolonIQ predicts that by 2025 the total market could be worth £255b globally, but one thing is for certain – edtech is here to stay, and I’d go as far to say that we’re only at the tip of the iceberg. Now is not the time to stop, now’s the time to be hiring in our sector.


I’m privileged enough to recruit for some of the most illustrious edtech companies out there. A common theme they share is that they’re forever looking ahead and road-mapping for future growth. One senior hiring manager I’ve worked with for a number of years has the mantra that she’s “always hiring” – meaning, that she’s always hiring for the right person.


Recruitment often comes down to timing, especially when hiring exceptional salespeople – it’s not as easy as “turning on a talent tap”. The most successful hiring managers and companies are always steps ahead, knowing who they need in two, three, sometimes six months’ time. This gives them the advantage of being able to secure the best talent when it’s available.


Don’t fall into the trap of reactive recruitment by not planning for 2021. There’s never been more talent in the market – lots of brilliant people looking for either the first time, or through no fault of their own. Be proactive, plan and reap the rewards going into a bright new year.

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