Future of working: Software Engineering

03 Dec 2020

We can all agree, that the way we work has dramatically changed from life as we once knew it. Google and Microsoft have set remote working until Summer 2021, and the likes of Twitter and Shopify have moved to fully remote working indefinitely.


Software Engineers have historically been early adopters of remote working. For as long as I’ve been recruiting one of the first questions I’m asked in new job searches is for increased flexibility and remote working; the answer can often make or break job offers.


Whilst we know it won’t be long before we’re trialling a platform to eradicate Zoom fatigue, for those of our clients who have committed to becoming a fully remote business, it is allowing them to flourish by allowing their search to reach into Europe and beyond for the best talent. This has also affected more local salaries with talent outside London now being able to access better paying remote paid jobs than ever before.


Let me stress, remote working cuts both ways. For every one person who is finding the increased flexibility of remote working a dream come true, there’s another looking to leave a now fully remote company as they miss the break they get from home life on the commute and the watercooler conversation.


This dilemma stretches further than our shores; the fight for the UK’s talent has gone global now more so than ever. As a nation we’ve always been attractive for businesses scaling internationally, with a relatively large and diverse population as well as it’s concentration of world-leading education.


Propel are known for having landed a number of notable North American businesses in the UK over the last decade and we’re seeing an increase in the number of US and Canadian companies starting to search in the UK for remote engineers. With flexible working around home lives, the time differences that were once a barrier are now no more. Salaries here are also often 30% cheaper than New York, and even more so on the West Coast.


When building world leading teams and cultures the pros and cons of fully remote working will be hotly debated over the years to come. One thing we know for certain is that most are seeking more of a flexible relationship with work. Planning ahead and making decisions sooner may enable you to get ahead and attract the best remote talent, or the best of the talent desperately seeking your world class water cooler banter.


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