Follow your passion, the money will follow…

13 May 2021

Having been immersed in the world of people for almost a decade, it would come as no surprise that I often meet with those facing very difficult decisions, when it comes to weighing up opportunities or deciding whether to make the move.


There are so many factors involved in these decisions, however, more often than not, money can very quickly become the deciding factor and all of a sudden the passion that we were following in the first place is often forgotten.


Follow your passion, the money will follow 


My advice to you is to take the money out of the equation for a moment and make your decisions based on that.


Making decisions purely based on money won’t lead to fulfilment.


Don’t get me wrong—money is necessary. It is not inherently evil and can be used to accomplish extraordinary things.


But if you’ve just handed in your notice and now you’ve had a counter offer, remember… if you didn’t feel content before, the money isn’t going to change that.


If one opportunity is paying a lot more than the other, it doesn’t mean it’s the right opportunity for YOU.


Find something that you love so much, you’d do it for free. 


Maybe that’s where you’re already working or maybe that’s the start-up offering you a pay cut.


Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, only you know that.


Do something that sets your soul on fire!


When you are passionate about your career the money will eventually follow you.


Doing work that doesn’t get you excited can eventually be draining.


Doing what you love allows you to be creative.


It fills you up with energy. By chasing passion, you’ll be more fulfilled, and still make as much (or more) money in the long run VS chasing income.


Chasing money is like licking honey of a razor blade!


Follow your passion. The money will come, and when it does, you will appreciate what fulfilment feels like.

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