Digital Nation: Propel’s Talent Manifesto 2019

06 Jan 2020

Welcome to DIGITAL NATION: PROPEL’S TALENT MANIFESTO. Our new annual flagship report is dedicated to understanding the key trends around talent and working culture in the booming tech sector.

For the last nine years, we have been tracking both the financial, through actual salaries paid, and the attitudinal measures by which talent is attracted and retained in the digital economy.

With the battle for talent in the tech sector at fever pitch, we’ve decided to reimagine our approach to our annual benchmark. Salaries alone are no longer enough to attract the quality of talent tech companies need to fuel their businesses. Company culture and values, true diversity, training and employee wellbeing are instead as or more important.

Our Talent Manifesto now focuses sharply on these areas. To dig even deeper, on top of our attitudinal survey of views on work and working culture, this year we’ve carried out in-depth interviews on these topics with some of the industry’s figureheads, including founders, CEOs and VCs.

We hope you find our Talent Manifesto inspirational as you build and grow your own business. Throughout 2019 we will be publishing a series of Manifesto reports under the Digital Nation umbrella, focusing on key areas of the digital economy such as funding, foreign direct investment and digital skills and technologies.

Request your own copy here and of course, we are always more than happy to have a chat and coffee at our lovely offices in Soho.

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