Digital Economy Insights: The Business of Blockchain – Imogen Bunyard, Qadre

31 Oct 2018

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform industries from housing to health care, ushering in huge benefits for consumers and businesses alike.

Following the latest event in our Propel Breakfast Series, The Business of Blockchain, we caught up with industry leaders to discuss the impact of blockchain on diverse industries.

Imogen Bunyard is COO and co-founder of Qadre, the company behind the PL^G framework, which aims to connect blockchain networks to create a global, scalable, blockchain layer of the internet, which has been described as ‘the internet of blockchains’.

Qadre’s team has delivered many of the world’s firsts of practical blockchain applications, such as the first ever international transfer of humanitarian aid utilising blockchain, and the first ever system to transact energy utilising a blockchain for a FTSE 100 energy company.

In this video interview, Bunyard discusses blockchain’s application in the pharma and energy industries and highlights the most common mistakes in its application.

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