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Digital Economy Insights: Fintech Focus, Huge Opportunities for Tech Talent in Fintech

London Skyline

The UK’s fintech sector employs more than 60,000 people and generates £20bn per year. It is democratising financial services and allowing far greater numbers of people in every country to participate.

However, a number of challenges are faced by the sector in attracting the right talent to power its growth.

A recent Propel London event, Fintech Focus, saw a panel of experts from the likes of Techstars, OpenCorporates, The Open Banking Project and more discuss the sector's biggest opportunities and challenges. 

Propel's Digital Economy Insights series features some of the top takeways from the debate. 

Here, Propel CEO Melina Jacovou describes the opportunities in the sector for those with experience of disruptive tecnnologies and agile enviroments.