Theta Lake

16 Jan 2022

Thetalake needed to hire a Senior NLP Engineer to drive the development of their AI driven SAAS platform . We worked closely with the CTO and Chief data scientist to deliver this fully remote hire leading to a great partnership where we have placed a senior backend engineer and have a number of other briefs open.

Why did they need to use us?

Theta lake were looking to continue their expansion into Europe and required an NLP Engineer with a very specific skillset to join the team. The candidate profile was very specific with candidates requiring a unique blend of ML knowledge, High engineering proficiency and cultural alignment. Inbound recruitment methods weren’t providing the pipeline required to make a successful hire.

What did Propel do?

Propel scheduled an initial briefing with Theta lake to shape the exact profile of candidate they were looking for. We then used a mix of targeted advertising, direct headhunting and consultant network to deliver a pipeline of candidates leading to a successful hire

The Results

Propel placed an NLP engineer into Theta lake alongside a senior backend engineer a few months later.

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