Chief Technical Officer & Head of Marketing, Full Search

30 Dec 2020

In November 2017 Propel were introduced to SuperBike Factory, the used motorbike and finance specialists, by private equity firm Livingbridge who had just finalised an investment in the business. Since being founded in 2010, SuperBike Factory had grown rapidly and following the investment had decided to undergo a rebuild of their technical architecture. To do this, they required an experienced Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to conduct a full technical diagnosis and implement the rebuild. Experience in the automation and monetisation of data, with specific focus on e-commerce pricing models was essential. At the same time, SuperBike Factory had also established a pressing requirement to hire a Head of Marketing. Having never actively promoted the SuperBike Factory brand, it was clear that a huge opportunity existed as the business looked to grow regionally. The Head of Marketing would need to be a performance marketing expert from a B2C e-commerce background and would be responsible for both working with the CEO to set the strategy and with the existing team to implement that strategy day to day.

With SuperBike Factory being based in Macclesfield, location was important, and the search was targeted on the well-established e-commerce sector in the area. Running both searches concurrently, Propel succeeded in appointing the Head of Marketing and CTO in February and April 2018 respectively.

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