01 Sep 2022

Stotles are a B2B SaaS platform, looking to help businesses streamline their sales into the public sector. Stotles aims to make it easier for the private sector to business within the public sector, and revolutionize the way that business and government work together.

Why did they need to use us?

About to secure further funding, Stotles needed our help to grow out their product offering and within this, were specifically looking to build out their design function with a Lead Product Designer, ideally with prior SaaS experience.

What did Propel do?

We used our extensive network of lead-level product designers who have experience within the B2B SaaS realm, all across the UK to provide a list of optional candidates that eventually lead to successful interviews.

The Results:

We successfully placed their first ever lead product designer, who in now helping the team improve on their design process as they continue to receive funding and grow the product team.

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