04 Jan 2022

Smartwyre is a UK/US start up. They are a B2B software platform for the agricultural sector. Propel were asked to work on the founder’s first senior appointment in the shape of a chief product officer.

Why did they need to use us?

Smartwyre’s founder CEO is based in London but the HQ is in Denver. We were mandated to search and assess candidates in the UK & US. Given the unprecedented interest in the product and a recent, large VC round the CEO was under a great deal of pressure to bring in another senior person to take the pressure off.

What did Propel do?

Propel assessed a list of 17 potential candidates in the US, UK & Canada and moved any that passed our assessments successfully straight into interview with Smartwyre in order to keep the pace up.

The Results

Delighted to say that we managed to turn the whole search around in 5 weeks – no mean feat during the post-covid recovery and in a highly in-demand skillset like product management.

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