13 Jan 2022

The client was looking for a top agency to help them with their search in Compliance recruitment. We took a brief to understand them, their vacancies & hiring processes to establish what might have been causing the problem.

Why did they need to use us?

We took the time to understand the business & the right candidate needed for the Senior Compliance Hire! We pointed out one or two things that could be done to increase the chance of attracting the best talent and once we agreed then we assured them that we would be able to find them the candidate quickly!

What did Propel do?

We have a huge network of senior compliance professionals so this is always a great start and allows us to share CV’s quickly for benchmarking and to guide us ahead of sharing another shortlist of candidates.

The Results

The client loved one of the first candidates that we shared in our benchmarking exercise and did not hesitate to quickly hire him as they felt he was the perfect fit to their company.

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