15 Jan 2022

Ground breaking Health Tech start up Paige AI were scaling their python data ingestion engineering team in Europe following large amounts of funding and CE / FDA approval of their AI powered Cancer diagnoses solution. Propel worked closely with the internal talent team to craft the candidate profile and deliver a pipeline of candidates through headhunting referrals and advertising. The technical skillset and standards set by Paige made this a challenging hire. Thankfully though after a number of rounds of interviews paige were able to hire 2 engineers for their hospital data ingestion team.

Why did they need to use us?

The requirements of the role meant that standard inbound recruitment methods were not bringing success so we were able to tap into our deep network of passive candidates to attract them to the mission and role at Paige.

What did Propel do?

Propel undertook a varied approach of targeted advertising, referrals and direct headhunting attracting candidates with the skillset Paige were after. Candidates that responded to the outreach program were pre screened initially on a phone call and interviews on a video call. Successful candidates were then presented to Paige and managed through the interview and offer process.

The Result

Propel Succeeded in hiring a 2 candidates that met the requirements and are succeeding in the role.

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