Building Outreach’s Professional Services, EMEA team

20 Dec 2020

Outreach – tech unicorn – b2b SaaS sales engagement tool with profound success in the US – looking to land a founding team in EMEA as part of their global expansion.

With new customers being onboarded in EMEA, the VP PS – Kara Blumberg – needed localised Senior Professional Consultants/ Client Engagement Managers in EMEA with demonstrated success across the enterprise B2B SaaS ecosystem.

She needed experienced candidates that could work autonomously (given the time differences between London & Seattle) and that were competent operating in this fashion, problem-solvers, etc. – effectively “Swiss Army Knives” across; onboarding, best practice, technical implementation, training, education, etc.

The Challenge

Propel specialise in landing North American B2B technology vendors in EMEA.

They needed local experts to attract the top talent in industry to build their PS/ Client Engagement, EMEA team around.

We have an extensive expertise and candidate network in this space that can add serious value – especially, in the early stages of landing in a new territory.

Provided consultancy throughout the process re: salary bandings, required levels of experience, location, etc.

The Propel solution

Developed a strategy for the founding PS/ Client Engagement team in EMEA – so that they could provide localised onboarding, best practice and general professional services to their EMEA client base – ultimately, to reduce onboarding friction & time, provide bespoke services and improve early customer engagement & satisfaction.

Placed 2 Senior PS Consultants with experience; working in a dynamic start-up environment, across B2B SaaS PS processes & domain experience working with sales & marketing teams. All meaning that they could transition into the role at Outreach with minimal ramp and add value as soon as possible.

The Results

Both Senior PS Consultants – the only 2 in Outreach, EMEA – have ramped quickly and are now working with new customers in the EMEA region – alleviating the strain on the US PS team and contributing to improved onboarding processes, early adoption & overall best practice/ education.

Both fully ramped and working autonomously with new & existing customers within EMEA. Kara confident in both their abilities given their results and has praised both on multiple occasions when feeding back to me re: their performance.

The PS team in EMEA will continue to scale in 2020 and into 2021 as new customers are secured by the new business team. We will be aiding that expansion when required.

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