04 May 2021

OpenBlend a HRTech Saas platform are scaling quickly, and with a number of significant client wins of late and securing further funding they are continuing to scale quickly.

OpenBlend are moving from a start up to certified scaling Saas organisation and needed to make sure they had the right teams in place to scale quickly. A lot of focus here was on their current Engineering team, they knew they needed to not only deliver quicker but also needed to build a platform that was going to see them through large increases of new users and needed a new Senior Technical Leader as well as to further grow their teams of Engineers.


The Challenge


Propel are uniquely placed to not only conduct searches for Senior Leaders but also then help build the teams around them and that’s exactly what we’ve one with OpenBlend. They knew they needed to find an experienced Head of Technology who could scale the business from a start up to a formalised scaling Saas company and then subsequently hire the engineering team to help them reach success.


The Propel solution


Firstly Propel undertook a rigorous search process in order to secure an experienced Head of Technology, one who’d been a leader in organisations at scale but could also be close to the technology and be hands on within a smaller Engineering team. We were able to utilise our network and quickly secure the right individual, someone who was known to us and that we’d work with before.

Propel we then able to access a wide network of engineers to help scale this team quickly. It was important to produce a range of experience here to test internal benchmarking with the current market expectations.


The Results


Propel were congratulated on the calibre of candidates at shortlist for the Head of Technology hire by a well known VC technical advisor. After successfully finding the Head of Technology, Propel have continued to help scale the Engineering and QA team, successfully hiring Technical Leads, Senior & midlevel Engineers and well as a Head of QA and QA Engineers with a 6 week team build project. Propel have continued to work with OpenBlend hiring into their UX design and Customer Success teams.

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