25 May 2023


Who are Obrizum?

Obrizum are an innovative learning solution powered by advanced AI technology. It has received patents and awards for its capabilities in helping companies and organizations across various sectors to create, deliver, and monitor digital learning courses on a large scale. They had recently received Series A (£12m+) funding and were in need of their first Product Leader to establish their product organization.

What was their challenge?

Obrizum set out to look for a a Product Leader or Officer to join the team, to lead their product function.

How we got the job done…

To fulfill Obrizum’s requirement for a Product Leader, Jeremy undertook extensive research and analysis in two key areas: the Edtech & ML/AI market. By mapping these markets, he identified potential candidates who possessed a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

As a result of this, Jeremy successfully identified a suitable candidate for the role of Chief Product Officer at Obrizum. The chosen individual came from an innovation team within a leading Edtech company, demonstrating their experience and expertise in the field.

This Chief Product Officer will now be responsible for establishing and growing the product function at Obrizum. With their leadership, the product function will be developed and scaled effectively which we are in the process of supporting already.

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