11 Jan 2022

Lightricks, the company behind the Global top 5 app Facetune had recently secured investment valuing them as a new Unicorn. With moon shot growth plans of a 10x valuation, Lightricks were expanding internationally and scaling a EMEA HQ in London. One of their key hires was for a flagship product leader.

Why did they need to use us?

Lightricks, sought Propel’s knowledge of the European marketplace to identify a Product leader from an organisation with multiple millions of App b2c users, leaving a handful of top apps to headhunt from. Seeking a unique hire, one who had proven entrepreneurial spirit as well as having scaled products to the success of multiple millions of users, yet was still keen to roll their sleeves up and remain “hands on” with the product. They also sought an innovator and leader who could potentially disrupt the current Product Orgs way of thinking. No small feat for a globally recognised app.

What did Propel do?

Propel utilised their extensive knowledge of the European marketplace to navigate FAAMG-Esque companies, where titles and sonority can often be confusing to those inexperienced at headhunting directly from these organisations. With pay scales and packages some of the most competitive globally, and a strict key criteria for the search, Propel knew the long list of potential candidates would be small and that we had to nail our pitch & proposition knowing we only had one shot to impress some of the most exciting minds in Product. Our search was extensive mainly targeting those in the UK & Europe but also stretched as far as Asia in order a wide in order to seek out the best talent at the most recognisable businesses who would consider London as a new home.

The Result

Propel were able to deliver a shortlist of potential candidates from across the UK, Europe and Asia from some of the most recognisable social and app businesses globally. The successful candidate was a proven entrepreneur and came from Facebook, having previously worked on some of their most successful product lines. The CEO was so taken from the shortlist, knowing he could not hire them all sent a small token to each candidate personally as he hoped to call on their talents in the future.

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