05 Aug 2021

International schools group InspirED engaged Propel in early 2021 following an introduction from one of our partners.

Inspired were embarking on a process of digital transformation across their network of 70 schools on 5 continents. In addition to this they were also launching Kings College Online with the remit to combine best in class online and offline learning experiences.

To enable this transformation process Inspired needed to bring on board a mix of marketing competencies in a short period of time.

Propels network in the digital marketing and ecommerce community provided invaluable as we were able to access an exceptional pool of talent and present them in the timelines required.

The Challenge

The speed and scale of the hiring project meant that Inspired needed a partner who was plugged into the marketing community in the UK.

We worked through each brief with InspirED to ensure that everyone was clear on the key requirements and conducted a very transparent recruitment process sharing market insight as we went along.

The Propel solution

Propel built a very close relationship with the key stakeholders in the Marketing team at Inspired and were able to deliver quickly on some business critical hires.

Working alongside the CMO and Group Director of Marketing and Customer Experience we utilised various sourcing methods and our extensive network to introduce highly skilled candidates in the fields of digital marketing, ecommerce, data and product marketing.

The Results

Inspired have quickly become a key client of Propels with 5 hires being made in the early part of this year, all within the marketing and ecommerce teams. Hires have included Digital Marketing Lead and Global Head of Ecommerce. We continue to be engaged in active searches with InspirED at the time of writing.

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