10 Jan 2022

Propel helped structure and scale the teams at HeyDoc from late Seed and Post Series-A funding across Product, Software Engineering, DevOps, QA and Account Management, including the appointment of a VP of Engineering.

why did they need to use us?

HeyDoc’s scaling starting when the pandemic was at its peak, and the future of where the workforce was located was very much still in question. They needed to access talent quickly without sacrificing on the quality of their teams in arguably one of the most toughest talents markets experienced in the digital Tech boom.

What did Propel do?

Propel were able to advise on building remote teams across the UK & EU and access their deep networks of talent throughout the continent. HeyDoc were able to make informed hiring decisions which lead to their successful Series A. Post Series-A due to the success of the partnership, Propel were able to continue to hire at speed.

The Results

To date, Propel have successful hired over 15 team member’s for HeyDoc across most of their key teams including Product, Software Engineering, QA and Account Management. Propel were also appointed to secure their new VP of Engineering.

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