Employment Hero

20 Apr 2022

Employment hero is an HR/ Fintech SaaS – End-to-end people management and payroll platform that covers every aspect of the employee lifecycle!

Why did they need to use Propel?

They approached Propel looking for two new Account Executives to expand their UK team. They needed these roles to be filled by the end of Q2. Propel was tasked to fill these roles within Employment Hero’s deadline and successfully did it.

What did Propel do?

Propel Consultants are experienced across all new business sales role, so they had a number of quality candidates in the pipeline of their network they could approach for these hires.

The Results

Propel are happy to say they placed both Account Executives within the timeframes set. We now have the privilege of making any future hires for Employment Hero.

Have you been contacted by Propel recently? We're aware of an ongoing scam by a group posing as Propel employees.

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