13 Aug 2020

For CVE, we recruited a specific and highly-skilled senior individual through qualification and interview.

The Challenge

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) is a list of common identifiers for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. As you might imagine, their hiring standards are extremely high, and they needed a superb individual with an extremely specific skill set – as well as the ability to succeed in a small and niche environment.

CVE requested we work in partnership through thorough initial qualification and detailed interviewing.

The Propel solution

As the skill set required was so incredibly specific, we performed a super-focused and detailed search to narrow our candidate pool down. We worked in consistent partnership with CVE, as it was a true learning process with the client realising what they did and didn’t need as the process continued.

As COVID hit in spring 2020 we were presented with lots of challenges, but we worked hard and worked around them, finding a candidate that impressed constantly and fit the bill.

The Results

Through scrutinous review and a thorough process, we delivered an extremely high calibre candidate (who has hit the ground running!) to a very happy client.

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