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11 May 2022

ChatLingual is a US-based SaaS start-up focused on delivering translation solutions for major enterprises across the world. Their technology translates in real-time and enables international businesses to operate globally with employees internally and externally with customers. Naturally, due to the international nature of their product, they were looking to localise in EMEA to be close to their new markets, and some of their key customers within Europe. They needed a host of Commercial individuals from; Enterprise Account Executives, Strategic Account Managers, Enterprise BDRs, and Partnership Account Executives alongside Senior Commercial Leaders including; Head of Sales, Head of Customer Success & Head of Partnerships.

Why did they need to use us?

With an 8-figure Series A behind them, ChatLingual needed to grow quickly. They were under pressure to deliver headcount growth and under time pressure. Propel was tasked with delivering 5 candidates within a 6 week period and a further team build beneath these individuals that would follow over the next year.

What did Propel do?

Propel’s Consultant’s consistently nurture and work with Europe’s most exceptional B2B SaaS sales talent. The team tapped into their immediate networks, leveraging the relationships they had with these candidates and positioned the incredible opportunity to launch a new region on ChatLingual’s behalf.

The Results

Propel is proud to have delivered such considerable and effective results in such a short timeframe. We were integral in building the initial GTM team for ChatLingual and continue to work with the SVP Sales, and other key members of the leadership team in continuing to support hiring.

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