05 Jan 2022

Bound needed to hire an Engineering Manager to build out the Engineering team and culture as the business scaled through Series funding.  They would also drive the development of their SAAS platform. We worked closely with the CTO and Founders, digesting all the information we needed to hire a capable, motivated, and fully remote candidate. We now work directly with this Engineering Manager to hire Engineers within the team, creating a   great partnership.


Why did they need to use us?

Bound had received seed funding of 6 million euros and wanted to grow the MVP into a more scalable platform. The founders being from New York and not having as large of a network in Europe needed, not only assistance in finding someone, but educating on the European Engineering Market.

Being an early-stage business they had also struggled attracting talent from their direct sources. They were looking for candidates from successful tech businesses that could join and hit the ground running. It was important for them to showcase where they have built Engineering teams and introduced strong Engineers cultures.

What did Propel do?

Propel spent time understanding the business, requirement and why this hire was so key for business growth. We then discussed potential candidates in my immediate network that we could benchmark against expectations and budgets. From here we had a strong idea of exactly what Bound wanted but also a realistic idea of what they could get within budget.

This was a specific search across Europe, targeting Management level Engineers from top Tech establishments (of all sizes). Due to the time spent at the beginning of the process understanding the requirement and Bound, we were able to answer all questions from candidates quickly and accurately, providing a positive start to the process before scheduling a chat with the CTO.

The Results

This resulted in us being able to find the perfect candidate from one of the most well-known Tech businesses globally. The candidate had several higher offers on the table, from similar enterprise level Tech companies, but chose Bound as they truly believed in the journey.

Usually with smaller businesses like Bound we find most Engineers from established tech businesses don’t give them a chance from the outset after reviewing the size of the team. I believe this is where our service is crucial, being able to represent Bound in a way that gives them an opportunity to speak to candidates that would usually decline.

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