18 Apr 2022

Propel partnered with Amplience to assist with a critical series of hires across their Product Marketing department. They had just raised a large amount of capital at Series D and needed to scale their product quickly. Propel helped to secure 2 senior hires and a mid-level candidate to bolster the department.

Why did they need to use us?

As more and more companies are embracing the SaaS model, the need for Product Marketers within this space is at an all-time high. Amplience were finding that the direct applicants didn’t have the SaaS experience necessary to be successful in the role. Securing these professionals requires a deep knowledge of the sector and an even richer network of candidates.

What did Propel do?

Propel identified this problem and helped Amplience by introducing them to a competitive shortlist of relevant candidates within the SaaS space.

The Results

Propel helped to successfully fill 75% of Amplience’s Product Marketing team with one of the hires being a crucial backfill just after their series D funding round.

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