Alert Media

19 Jul 2021

Austin Texas based Emergency Communication Solutions platform Alert Media were considering staffing internationally and were introduced to Propel through our partner network.

They had decided on Dublin as the location for the first European hire and needed a global intelligence analyst in market to service the growing requirements of local clients.

Speed to hire was a very important consideration and so Propels contract team conducted an extensive search of the market and delivered a shortlist of exceptional candidates within a 4-week period. The project evolved as it progressed and Alert Media ended up hiring a small local team of three analysts before adding another a few months later.

The Challenge

Alert had no market presence in the UK and European talent community and needed a partner well versed in the scaling technology sector. It was also important that the chosen partner had experience in the analytics sector and had a service offering that would be able to deliver results quickly and effectively. Our contract team were perfectly placed to provide this service.

The Propel solution

Our contract team worked quickly to deliver several exceptional candidates. Combining a mix of headhunting and networking we were able to convey the opportunity to a targeted group of candidates in short space of time.

The hiring process helped Alert Media define their team requirements further and they decided to hire three candidates to form the nucleus of their European team. We continue to partner with Alert Media and have helped them add an additional team member a few months after the original project.

The Results

Four successful analyst hires made in a 5-month period.

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