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? Our mission is to unlock the potential of business and government working better, together.

The partnership between business and government is vital in making our communities
productive & cohesive, but inefficiency and bureaucracy is currently the norm. We are using
a modern approach to change this.
Our SaaS platform gives businesses a clear view of opportunities to work with the public
sector, and the tools needed to manage them. We are bringing together a massive amount of
messy government data to bring clarity and transparency to a space that desperately needs it.
Since launching our private beta in early 2020, we've seen fantastic traction from industry
leading customers such as UiPath, Gitlab, Elasticsearch, Mulesoft and many others.

Job Description

About this role

• Joining as a senior member of the team you will be able to work on the design of the software architecture suitable for the future growth of the company's platform.
• You will have opportunities to lead development of new features in our SaaS
web application and its backing service infrastructure.

To give you some idea of the type of features we have planned, here are some that we’re building now:

o Team collaboration features like comments, notifications, etc.
o Ingesting any documents published by the government and fully integrating
them across the application.
o Integrations with CRM systems, Slack, Teams, etc.

• You will help us build a global public sector database by combining procurement
data, news sources, government spend and planning information and many other data sources and develop a state-of-the-art search engine for this data.

Our tech stack:

• Front-end written in TypeScript (we types!) using React and Ant Design
• Web-app based on Ruby on Rails and backend services written in TypeScript using Nest.js.
• PostgreSQL is our main database but we use ElasticSearch for querying the
procurement data.
• We're currently running all of this on Kubernetes on AWS (all defined in Terraform).
• Every change is reviewed and tested & later released using an automated process. As we are always reviewing what tools we use you will be able to influence the technology choices we make for our frontend & backend architecture.

What we're looking for:

• 5+ years of experience in delivering complex software engineering projects including all phases of software development lifecycle
• (Bonus) Experience managing engineering teams
• Experience with TypeScript or other languages like C#, Python, Ruby, Go, JavaScript and excitement to learn TypeScript
• Experience with developing web UIs with React or similar technology
• Good knowledge of relational databases
• (Bonus) Experience developing SaaS applications or data-intensive projects
• (Bonus) Experience with applications running in the cloud and using modern DevOps tools

Qualities we're looking for:

• Effective communicator: Sharing complex ideas and presenting your work -both with to the engineering team and the wider team - is the core of our job.
• Great at working with others, great at managing your time: As we’re a small
team with ambitious goals, effective teamwork is crucial. At the same time we expect everyone to manage their workload efficiently .
• Ambitious curiosity: Eager to learn skills and technologies outside of your comfort zone, take ever more challenging tasks, and grow into a senior leadership role at the company.

Most importantly, we're looking for people that are curious, ambitious and love to learn new things, so if for any reason you don't fit our requirements but are passionate about our vision, don't hesitate!

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