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Digital Economy Insights: Partnerships Key to Fintech Success

Partnerships will be essential for banks to survive in the fintech era

The traditional finance industry is being overturned by digital technology and banking institutions will have to partner, build or acquire to flourish according to Chris Adelsbach, MD of Techstars and an angel investor in over 50 companies including Atom Bank, Smart Pension, Atlas Money, Post Quantum, Everledger and Cuvva.

Adelsbach was one of the panellists at a recent Propel London event, Fintech Focus, alongside Bindi Karia, OpenCorporates, The Open Banking Project and more discussing the sector's biggest opportunities and challenges. 

In this video Adelsbach reveals that fintech is not the preserve of the young tech generation, with the average age of a founder on his programme 44 years old, and discusses how the banks that are still relevant in ten years are going to be those that are the best partners.