Why every business needs a Community and Growth Manager…

18 Oct 2023

Our COO Ben recently told me about a conversation he had with a fellow recruitment leader who politely asked him “what the hell is a Community & Growth Manager?!”. Some might say that this sort of role is just ‘fluff’, but it’s so much more than that. It should be an essential role for any business wanting to hire and retain top talent…

First, an introduction to me…

I’m Amy, Propel’s Community & Growth Manager.  I’ll soon be celebrating my 1 year workiversary at Propel (time really does fly!). I’m still just as excited as when I first spoke to our founder Mel and COO Ben about the ambition and the values of this incredible company.

Asides from hiring great people into the team, my main focus is to keep up the great vibes at Propel, especially throughout our 2023 transition to a ‘totally flexible’ way of working. I absolutely love people and it’s deep in my DNA to make people feel included. I truly believe that happy team members are the foundation of any successful business, and it all starts with a strong onboarding.


So you’re wondering what “Community and Growth” actually entails? Well, let me enlighten you..

Personally, I think it comes down to one key thing: Being the glue.

When it comes to hiring, there absolutely needs to be *that* people person within every business connecting the dots, binding experiences together and ultimately being the ‘glue’. Building genuine connections with the people that make up the business, so the right people are then hired into the business. Truly understanding people is crucial when attracting top-notch candidates, conducting interviews, and ensuring that the company’s values and culture align with prospective new team members.

It’s Internal Recruitment on steroids.


This is about making sure every person in the business is feeling connected and engaged throughout their journey. It’s connecting the dots from the first intro call, throughout the onboarding process, to making sure each person feels included from day one and is fully integrated with the existing team – and everything in-between.

Empathy and authenticity go hand in hand with People roles. You want your team to feel that they can show up as their authentic self, so having someone in the Community focused role who is an open book can make it easier for people to trust and confide in them. It’s crucial that your team feel that their voice is heard and listened to (whilst maintaining that trust and confidentiality), and the key to this is having advocates who keep conversations open around how the business can improve, such as getting better at supporting employees mental health & well-being. Or just being a listening ear for those who might be struggling.

Of course, creating a positive culture is not a one-person job and doesn’t solely fall on the shoulders of those in a Community focused role. But when there isn’t a ‘go-to’ person with a core Community or Culture focus, key cultural things that keep a team engaged can fall by the wayside. It’s a great idea to hire someone who is able to connect and understand what the people on the team want, to help them bond and grow together through positive activities and experiences!

When a company goes through significant changes, such as saying goodbye to an office and moving to ‘totally flexible’ working, this type of hire can help the team navigate these transitions by promoting togetherness, and maintaining core cultural elements that matter most in an inclusive and engaging work environment.

So, overall…

In the competitive world of work (it’s tough out there…), a Community and Growth Manager is definitely a hire to consider for any company wanting to live up to it’s EVP and thrive. It goes beyond internal recruitment, they play a multifaceted role in shaping a positive and fun culture, attracting and retaining talent, promoting employee well-being, and being an all-round legend!


Interested in hearing more? Contact Amy here


– Amy Playfair, Community and Growth Manager

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