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06 Sep 2023

It’s been just over six months since I joined Propel, so I thought it was worth writing a few notes on what those months have looked like and the motivations behind my move.

One of the biggest motivators in a new role for me, as I’m sure it is with most, was the people I would be working with. Thankfully, I can truthfully say, that this box has a massive tick beside it. I was confident this would be the case from the interview process anyway, as I met all of my team during those stages and felt like I instantly “clicked” with my manager, Luke, and it didn’t take long for this to be confirmed once I actually started working! On top of the immediate team, I feel like I’m genuinely valued by the Senior Leadership team. They are great at making you feel valued and always acknowledge the hard work that you do. They appreciate and understand that we won’t always get it right, but as long as we are striving to be the best we can, that’s all they ask.

At Propel, we have this fantastic flexible working setup where we can choose to work from home or WeWork offices. It’s such a cool space to get things done. Personally, I like to be in the office about two days a week and Propel allow me to have this routine comfortably. It’s a nice balance that lets me have some face-to-face interaction with the team but also work from the comfort of my own space. This flexible working model was another big motivator for me moving to Propel. I have been able to take advantage of going back home to Ireland for a few days here and there without having to take annual leave, which has been a great benefit.

I have no doubt the next six months and beyond will be a great journey, and one that I’m excited to be on. I can’t wait to continue to grow here at Propel and reap the rewards of that growth! 



– Shane Callaghan, Senior Consultant

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