Being a Mother & Pregnant in recruitment… It’s doable!

27 Jan 2021

This is my first and could be last attempt at writing a blog so please go easy on me… but the reason why I wanted to write a blog piece is because in a year that for most deemed unlucky, for me proved to be the polar opposite.


I’ve been at Propel Together for nearly 5 years (recruitment for nearly 9 years) and have been fortunate enough to work part time for Propel. During 2020, I found the most strength and consequently the most success, all whilst being already a Mother of one and then by the beginning of October a Mother of two.


Personally, I feel that being successful in recruitment doesn’t align with being a Mother, let alone pregnant and there is unfortunately a stigma attached to both. Like “how can a Mother work late nights?”, or “be contactable at any time?” etc. So naturally when I found out I was pregnant with my second child back in January it left me feeling anxious about how I could manage both jobs. One being in a high performance, stats related job and the other growing a new baby whilst looking after my eldest too.

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In actual fact it gave me the drive and ambition that I didn’t have when I was once a young, childless woman. I wasn’t waking up on a Monday morning dreading the week ahead and living for the weekend, it was the opposite (weekends are rarely wild when you have kids). What I did, was start to work smart, not only as I knew that I only had three days in my working week rather than five. I managed my days better and dedicated my time to the clients/candidates, whilst staying as personable and relatable as possible. I had to alter my approach and take into consideration that other parents had school drop offs to do, or young children at home, or that some people really are struggling during the pandemic so be mindful of how I approach/deal with people. I definitely have more empathy for peoples situations, and if a candidate decides to take another role, then I try and understand why and be fair about the situation. I try not to take it personal and not become caught up with the negatives, and just be happy that I have the chance to find someone else a new opportunity and accept that it’s just not meant to be.


By having this simple change in mindset/outlook, it worked…I ended the year as the top billing consultant (which is a first in my career). As much as this blog seems like a reason for a pat on the back, it’s really not. It’s to show that being a Mother/Mother-to-be doesn’t have to be a hindrance, in fact it can be your drive. As it gives you understanding and resilience since you know you can’t give up. It can be the reason for your success, not the reason for your fear to succeed.


So any Mothers/Mothers-to-be in recruitment please don’t doubt yourself if you find your personal life changing as in my case and I’m sure in many others it can be the making of you.

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