Being a high performing Contract recruiter, while working remotely…

20 Sep 2023

“I often get asked the question “how do you manage being a high performer whilst working entirely remote?” and I honestly say that the working remotely is what made me a high performer.”


Back when I worked in the office I would say my performance was pretty mediocre, the commute was something I always loathed (especially in the Summer) and the aimless office chit-chat over waaaaaaay too many cups of tea, as well as A LOT of free biscuits, was something that I now realise was holding me back.


I think the most important thing i’ve learnt while working remotely is how to manage my time efficiently. My day might be broken up with nursery and school runs but I make sure I’m constantly covering anytime that I have available during the day. And instead of clock watching for lunch and scrolling the Daily Mail website… I work smart and make use of literally every minute I have at my laptop. It’s more difficult to stay in loop with colleagues so I try my best to be as present as possible on all zoom meetings (often trying to be the loudest or making the most jokes). I also try to create some sort of personal relationship with my colleagues via social media so they feel and know that I’m contactable at anytime if needed and I can chat to them about things other than just work.


The same goes for my clients and contractors, I’ve found that as long as I show a relatable/personable approach then just because I’m not physically there I am still thought of when needed and that is a hugely important factor in my role. Personally, I believe working remotely is for people who can be trusted and more importantly trust themselves and in my situation the trust has been built over the course of my time at Propel and I’m so grateful for the lifestyle, and flexibility, it’s given me.


– Amy Somers, Associate Director

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