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James Webb

Hello there, I'm James Webb, the Managing Director for Propel. 


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Leading without Listening…no chance!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how much time we spend in conversations without listening to the person we are speaking to. I have been thinking about this since. Specifically, about how essential it is to being a human that we have the ability…

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Bringing your whole self...

What does bring your whole self to work actually mean? Are we kind enough to the people we work with to follow through on this promise? As an employer, I think it means this. Creating an environment that encourages people to truly turn up and be…

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Looking towards 2021...Hiring at Propel

So, another lockdown to navigate and the impact that brings personally and from a business perspective. I have to hand it to the team at Propel, they have all reacted very positively. We had settled into a happy rhythm of spending a couple of days a…