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Scaling Company Culture: Remotely

Company culture has been at the forefront of business leaders minds for some time now, building an environment where employees know how to act an operate, what’s acceptable and what’s not. We all know when a company have a great culture yet never…

Luke Blog

What I've Learned in 3 Years at Propel - Luke Tyrrell

Friday marks my three year anniversary with Propel. A lot has changed since my first day, but lots has remained the same in recruiting for Europe’s most exciting high-growth technology businesses. I remember my first meeting with our MD – James – in…


Being a Mother & Pregnant in recruitment… It’s doable!

This is my first and could be last attempt at writing a blog so please go easy on me… but the reason why I wanted to write a blog piece is because in a year that for most deemed unlucky, for me proved to be the polar opposite.