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Commercial Director, Research Only

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Infinity Health were introduced to Propel via a partner organisation in November 2018. A MedTech company providing collaborated medical data and a task management software tool, Infinity Health were in the early stages of funding and knew they needed a senior commercial hire to join their small executive team.


Propel’s first meeting with the company was focused around guidance, advice and exploration – and became very much a consultation meeting around talent, the market, the avenues Infinity Health could take to find the right person and the experience this person would need. 


As an extension to this process of consultancy, Infinity Health engaged Propel in a research only assignment. The project was designed to help Infinity Health explore and understand the talent options available to them whilst providing them with a list of candidates from which they could hire if they chose to.


Over a four-week period, Propel’s research team conducted the initial stages of a search, including research, advocacy and qualification, presenting a list of 12 qualified candidates to Infinity Health in January 2019.