Dragonfly AI

08 Jun 2023

Who are Dragonfly AI?

Dragonfly AI is a leading B2B SaaS AI martech business that specializes in predicting creative analytics.

As the demand for their innovative platform soared, Dragonfly AI recognized the need to expand its sales team to capture new market opportunities. This case study focuses on the recruitment process undertaken by Propel to source two Senior Account Executives and a Business Development Executive  to strengthen its sales force. Samantha worked with the Vice President of Sales on identifying the perfect profile needed to achieve the company’s ambitious growth plans!

Dragonfly AI had already established itself as a top player in the start-up mar-tech industry. However, the company realised that to maximize its market share and capitalize on the increasing demand for its platform, it needed a larger, more dynamic sales team.


What was their challenge?

Samantha worked with Harry (VP of Sales) to define the specific requirements for the new positions. They determined that hiring two experienced Senior Account Executives and one Business Development Executive, one hire at a time would allow for a more proactive and targeted approach towards acquiring new clients and reshaping the sales team.

The requirement for these hires was incredibly specific, Dragonfly AI were looking for the ideal profile that understood marketing technology alongside extensive experience selling into the FMCG/CPG sector. This required a strategic headhunt search into similar businesses that had a focus on selling into this industry.

How we got the job done…

To ensure a wide pool of qualified candidates, Samantha adopted a strict and tactical recruitment strategy. Utilized various channels, including her professional networks, extensive market maps and recommendations from industry experts. To streamline the selection process, we screened many candidates with various levels of experience and selected the top talent to go through to meet the team at Dragonfly.

So far, the success has been brilliant and the talent we have placed are really happy. We continue to work with Harry and the rest of the Dragonfly AI family as they continue to grow. Hiring across different roles and consulting them to succeed in their future growth plans!


The team

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