19 Oct 2023

Who are Atoa?

Atoa are a London based start up that have recently went through seed funding. Their product lets consumers pay for good and services via their banking app as opposed to card payments, which results in up to 70% savings for businesses and they receive their funds instantly.


What was their challenge?

They needed a recruitment partner with a strong understanding of the market. The hires were needed ASAP as the company were growing fast, so time was of the essence. Propel leveraged their considerable network in the Hospitality / Retail tech world to ensure this wouldn’t be an issue.


How we got the job done…

After initially taking a detailed overview of what was needed, Atoa and Propel identified the best routes to attack with the search and thoroughly market mapped the sector. We successful presented candidates who went through the interview process, resulting in two fantastic mid-market sales hires so far, with searches continuing for a further two…

The team

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